look at these beautiful people. when i came to this school i knew i would make friends, but i honestly could not have been more wrong. i didn’t just make friends, i made a second family. these are some of the friendliest, kindest, most loving, and talented individuals i have ever met, and i wouldn’t ever want to be a part of any other team. they are the most accepting and fun people that i know, and i love all 40 of them as individuals, and as a team. these are the friends and teammates that cheered me on, and gave me my splits during a 12 minute long race. this was the race that qualified me for SUNYACS, and after dropping 35 seconds in my race, i made those teammates cry. i have never had the kind of friends that i have made in my two years on this team, but i have no idea where i would be without them. sometimes life has a funny way of making sure you end up in the right place, and this is exactly where i was supposed to end up. i wish that everyone could experience the love of being on the FSU swimming and diving team, but take my word for it, its been an amazing experience.